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Lunch Menu

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Lunch Menu

Autumn 2010



Harvest Turkey

$8                  half-$4.50

roasted squash mayo,  bacon

& fresh cranberry sauce

Thai Chicken Salad

$8                  half- $4.50

organic chicken breast marinated in

coconut milk peanut sauce

Chicken Parmesan

$8                  half- $4.50

organic chicken breast , house made

mozzarella cheese  & basil pesto

Beef & Pork

Rosemary Roast Beef

$8                  half- $4.50

tomatoes, roasted garlic mayonnaise, sweet onion relish & smoked cheddar

Honey Raisin Ham

$7                  half- $4

Virginia ham, honey raisin mayonnaise,

Dijon mustard & smoked cheddar


$9 half- $5

thin sliced di Parma ham with roasted red peppers & fresh mozzarella

Veggie & Vegan

Tomato & Mozzarella

$7.50         half- $4

vine tomatoes, house made

mozzarella,  basil pesto,

Tomato Avocado & Egg

$8                  half- $4.50

local tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled local organic eggs, & squash aioli

Quinoa & Acorn Squash

$8                  half- $4.50

crispy quinoa cake with acorn squash

& arugula pesto

Cucumber & Grilled Tempeh

$7                  half- $4

English cucumber, tempeh, tomatoes and

rosemary vegan mayonnaise


Tuna Panini

2010 NH Magazine Editor’s Pick                          “Best Tuna Sandwich”

$8.50         half- $5

baby yellow fin tuna, chopped olives, preserved lemons, fresh tarragon and olive oil


Root Vegetable


roasted root veggies, goat cheese ,

organic spring mix & maple dressing



organic romaine dressed in

house made  Caesar dressing



organic spring mix maple vinaigrette  strawberries and toasted walnuts

Avocado & Roasted  Corn


organic spring mix with maple vinaigrette

with sliced avocado  & roasted corn



organic spring mix, vegetables,

lemon vinaigrette & house made croutons



organic spring mix, dried  cranberries,

goat cheese, candied walnuts &

house made  raspberry vinaigrette



organic spring mix with lemon vinaigrette

topped with cous cous, cucumber & olives



organic spring mix, lemon vinaigrette, green beans, olives & hard boiled egg

add curried chicken salad or tuna to any salad for $3.50

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