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Drink Menu

Coffee & Tea Drinks

A&E Roastery Organic Coffee

Bold ˞ Regular ˞ Decaf

1.75-12oz        2.35-20 oz

Assorted Loose Leaf Teas

Organic Varieties Available

1.75-12oz or 20oz

Iced Coffee or Tea

2.25-16oz        2.75-24oz

Organic Espresso

1.50 single       2.00 double

Cappuccino & Caffe Latte

2.50-12oz        3.50-20oz

Organic Soy Milk add 50¢

Chai Latte (spiced Indian Tea steeped in milk)

2.25-12oz        3.25-20oz

Café au Lait (½strong coffee ½steamed milk)

2.00-12oz        2.50-20oz

Iced Cappuccino & Iced Caffe Latte

3.00-16oz        4.00-24oz

Frozen Cappuccino

3.50-16oz        4.25-24oz

Hot Chocolate (with our house made mocha syrup & fresh whipped cream)

2.00-12oz        2.75-20oz

Organic Soy Milk add 50¢

Frozen Hot Chocolate (with our house made mocha syrup)

3.75-16oz        4.50-24oz

Organic Soy Milk add 50¢

Korean Ginseng Tea


Added Shots

Flavor (our flavor shots are made in house with fresh natural ingredients including Sugar in the Raw {Vegan})










Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Fruit varies but always fresh and delicious

Organic items available

3.75-16oz        4.25-24oz

Organic Soy Milk  or Hemp Milk add 50¢

Coconut Milk add 75¢

Bottled Beverages

We offer many varieties of bottled beverages; organic, no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup to conventional.  It is our aim at Café Europa to offer alternatives to what you may be used to and inform you of ingredients used in.

Coke & Diet Coke (HFCS) 500lt                       1.50

Juices (some HFCS) 16oz                                1.75

San Pellegrino Water 250ml                          1.25

San Pellegrino Soda (table sugar) 330ml       1.50

Spring Water                                                   1.00

Ginseng Soda (HFCS/55)                                 1.50

Maine Root (Organic Cane Juice)                  2.00

Fizz Ed (no added Sugars)                               1.50

carbonated fruit juice

Coming Soon

Organic Source (no added sugar)

Boylans Soda’s (cane sugar)

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